The Last Straw…

Britain is apparently considering putting electronic tags on fathers who refuse to pay child support.  I am sure they will distinguish which fathers are refusing to pay as opposed to those fathers that are unable to pay as a result of having been bankrupt by vindictive spouses whom with the aid of blood thirsty morally corrupt lawyers, and complacent governments.  It won’t be long before the idea catches on here in Canada and in the United States.


That’s right; men are after all just cattle anyway.  Tag us like the rest of your domesticated stock.

  • Men have been stripped of their rights to be fathers, by minimizing or eliminating access to their children.
  • Men have had financially crippling maintenance orders for support decreed.
  • When men can’t pay their pictures are posted on websites and newspapers.
  • Men’s rights to citizenship in their own country are stripped away by refusing passports, licenses, permits, certifications for employment etc.
  • Those that employ men are harassed and threatened, garnishment orders forced upon them so that the man can not afford to keep working or until they are “let go” because they are an administrative nightmare.
  • Their assets (for those that had any left) are seized and sold.
  • Friends and family that help them are harassed and threatened.  If friends or family help then their assets are seized until they can prove that they own their own property and not just hiding it for the man.
  • Men are denied the luxury of new lives or companionship.  If we have a new spouse than their assets and their jobs become fair game for the blood thirsty “Department of Injustice”.
  • When men reach an end and are unable to pay or give up trying then men are criminalized and imprisoned.

Most beat dead dads following being put through the legal wringer end up scraping by any way that they can.  I know men who live in their vehicles (if they still have one) because they can no longer afford to rent a home.  I know men that have given up and just live on the street, or run from place to place and job to job to just be left alone.  And I know men that have just given up and taken their own lives such as Darren White.  Whom following hospitalization for a mental breakdown, while lying in a bed, he had his remaining assets stripped away from him by a savage judge of no conscience or moral integrity.  A question to all you men out there not yet in this position, this was his last straw… what will be yours be? And what will you do?


Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones whom are not gutted for everything.  Roll the dice and take your chances, but know this, the odds are not in your favor.



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Mildly competitive… maybe a small bit head strong… sometimes has an opinion… and occasionally has a requirement to be right (currently averaging 99.9% of the time). But my high level of sensitivity and empathy makes up for any of my minor faults :-)
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