Ottawa and Quebec rattled by magnitude 4.5 earthquake

Sat Feb 25, 2006 1:16 PM GMT
     Just wanted to dispel any of the chicken little alarmists out there worrying about the geosysmic event that occured in Eastern Canada.  The fact of the matter is that the sysmic event was caused by Canada’s own jublient "Newfies" collectively jumping up and down at the same time following the winning of the Gold medal for curling at the Olympics. To all of those that were alarmed by this event, our apologies.  I am sure an apology will be forthcoming directly from the peoples of Newfoundland & Labrador… just as soon as the Newfie Screetch wears off of course…
     For more information on these happy and exciteable peoples, see the following link.

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Mildly competitive… maybe a small bit head strong… sometimes has an opinion… and occasionally has a requirement to be right (currently averaging 99.9% of the time). But my high level of sensitivity and empathy makes up for any of my minor faults :-)
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1 Response to Ottawa and Quebec rattled by magnitude 4.5 earthquake

  1. Dragonpat says:

    Living in Ottawa, we were under no false assumptions as to the reality behind this \’quake – we knew from the depths of our hearts that it was merely the thud of our over weening hockey pride coming crashing to Earth.
    That and them happy Newfs! 🙂

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