Canada’s Silent Support of Guantanamo

 Canada Stands Silent on Guantanamo…

Surprising? Not really.

Canada tends to stand silent on allot of things, despite many of these things being important to many Canadians.

Our government has demonstrated that they will even allow their own citizens to be sent to foreign soil to be "detained and questioned" while remaining silent and blind to the event, such as in the case of  Maher Arar’s treatment in Jordan and Syria.

The Canadian Government stands side by side with other elitist governments like Britain, United States, etc., that believe there should be two sets of laws, one for the average citizen, and then a second set for the Government and those of privilege.  They believe that the set for the Governments and those of privilege should be flexible or pliable though so as to be molded to meet the needs of the moment or the whims of self interests.

Our Canadian government is no different in their complacency than any other.  The stains on our nation are many such as:

  • Canada’s First Nations
  • Japanese Canadians during WWII
  • Asian immigrants building our national railroad.
And the list goes on, and on.  Every country has their own skeletons.
Maybe the "end" is justified by the means?  I guess if you can set aside your beliefs, or any morals and standards that you may have.  I mean isn’t that what Hitler did?  Have we learned nothing from that bit of history?  Hitler was not the sole participant in the horrors and atrocities that occurred.  He had the complacency and cooperation of his nation and the world who either believed in him or sat idly by while these events occurred.
Tragically  "Our Governments" can only remain silent when "we" as citizens remain silent and complacent in these dishonourable and shameful acts of cowardice.  As citizens of this Earth we cannot ignore the fact that when we collectively talk about "Our Governments" that we are just ignoring the fact that there is a face to those that serve in, and are a party to, their government.  These faces can easily be recognized…  all one has to do is look in the mirror. : Canada almost alone in supporting Guantanamo


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