Medicine Hat Discriminatory Electric Utility SurTax

So our progressive forward thinking City of Medicine Hat council has struck again. With the introduction of a special surtax on those that use electricity in excess, of the “Average” city user (retired couple). This tax of course will be paid primarily by those with larger families. In a reply to my E-mail to Alderman Cathy Smith, she stated that the electric utility is losing money so they needed to recover costs. Unfortunately, City Council saw fit to only gouge the pockets of some to balance their books. Going off of their rational for conservation and cost recovery here are a few other suggestions that they may want to look at in order to balance other fiscal shortages.

  1. A Road Surtax on all of those households that have more than one vehicle.

Ø These households are after all more responsible for increasing the rate that our roads deteriorate.

Ø The revenue collected could offset the repair costs of the roads and further enhance public transportation.

  1. A Water Consumption Tax for Golf Courses.

Ø This tax could be payable by the course users in order to recover costs for the wasting of our precious fresh water resources.

  1. An Esplanade Tax.

Ø Since the costs for enjoying the facility are outside what I would say is in the average user’s budget. Should not those that utilize the facility pay more for it? (For those that don’t know what an "Esplande" is, see the following link. )

And I am positive that given everyone’s unique "personal situation", that there are many more surtax options that could be put forward to assist the City Council with their fiscal management shortcomings .

Maybe the City should just get it over with and once and for all publicly put forward the real agenda with respect to their vision for this city…

"Our vision is to be the Retirement Community of Choice… of course, comprised of only the right mix of people"

(We do unfortunately have to have some of those lower income peoples living here though,

I mean after all who would serve us fries with our burgers?)


About Anarchenisis

Mildly competitive… maybe a small bit head strong… sometimes has an opinion… and occasionally has a requirement to be right (currently averaging 99.9% of the time). But my high level of sensitivity and empathy makes up for any of my minor faults :-)
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