The many faces of terrorism


* "White Christian Zealots" KKK Rallies at 1892 Antietam Battlefield

* Aboriginal Caledonia protester facing attempted murder charge


* Gangland Canada: The Wild, Wild West


 * Terror Fears Hamper U.S. Muslims’ Travel

* Toronto mosque targeted after city arrests

* Oklahoma City bombing



The many faces of terrorism are not limited to any one set of beliefs or a single religion.  The current spotlight on the Muslim community with respect to terrorism needs to reflect that reality and stop painting the entire community with the same brush.  Mainstream media sensationalizing the fact that those radicals responsible for these crime are of Muslim faith only serves to propagate those feelings of fear, hatred, intolerance, distrust, and violence.


I guess society as a whole has progressed little from the times when those people of ignorance, intolerance, and opportunists,  searched for "Witches" to burn.  Whether motivated by ignorance, spite, or self interest, it is from this that we must protect ourselves.  This is what "real" terrorism is made of.


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Mildly competitive… maybe a small bit head strong… sometimes has an opinion… and occasionally has a requirement to be right (currently averaging 99.9% of the time). But my high level of sensitivity and empathy makes up for any of my minor faults :-)
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