Christians Against Public Choice & Sanity

So down here in hickville (Medicine Hat, Alberta), we have a local organization called CAPCS (Citizens of Alberta for Positive Community Standards) that is intent upon imposing their narrow minded Christian views of morality upon the rest of us.  Through the assistance and support of various members of the local hickville city council (detailed below), they have embarked upon a campaign of attempting to bully local small businesses into conforming to an acceptable practices code for the display of what they deem to be "Pornographic" material.  I am not taking about Playboy magazine or Hustler, those are already out of reach and display of children.  What they are referring to is those really trashy porno rags like Cosmo, Maxim, Sports Illustrated etc.  You know those really trashy sex rags…   They are championing their crusade under the banner of "It’s in the best interest of the children"…

There is a really good discussion happening on it a the Mad Hatters Blog site for those that would like to partake in it.

Anyway, I am trying to picture a visit to Chapters with all of what would be deemed objectionable material by the wingnut loonie CAPCS members (Christians Against Public Choice & Sanity… we really should call it as it is right?) was placed behind counters… Maybe we should just get the book burning over with now to satisfy those fundamentalist Anti freedom zealots. Or rather, because we don’t want to interfere with women’s rights by making them wear burqas to quell those savage, animalistic, wife beating, child abusing, woman raping, demon impulses; that are just waiting to bust free of every man and boy out there from the sight of a belly button on a Cosmo or Maxim magazine.  Why not just make eunuchs from all men and burn out their eyes? After all, what they can’t see or can’t touch will save the world won’t it?

Here is a list of those "Anti Freedom" wing-nut fanatical supporters  that in my opinion are abusing their positions of authority on the Medicine Hat City council, feel free to drop them an E-mail to let them know how much you object to their desire for government censorship.

Robert Dumanowski
Darren Hirsch
Graham Kelly
Harv Speers
Cathy Smith
Julie Friesen
Bill Cocks
John Hamill


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