CAPCS religious orientation:

The point of CAPCS religious orientation was brought up in the Mad Hatter’s Blog with respect to the motives of the CAPCS organization:

One only has to dig deeper into their affiliations and associations
to find their true intent and aspirations. CAPCS avoidance of
advertising their religious orientation is simply a subversive ploy to
try to enhance their credibility as a “common sense” and moderate group
which we know that they are not. The truth is that they are just
another lunatic fanatical group, which seeks to usurp the protections
and freedoms that everyone has a right to regardless of their religious

These “Cults” of intolerance wearing sheep skins are as dangerous as
those of the “Heaven’s Gate” or the “Solar Temple”. In fact, in my
opinion they are even more dangerous as they are guiding and
administering public policies that govern how you and I can live our


The National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families

Our Mission:

To move the people of God to embrace, live out, preserve and advance the biblical truth of sexuality.

Our Goals:

Operating under the prompting of the Holy Spirit and desiring all people to live under the Lordship of Christ, we seek to:

1. Educate the Christian community on sexual ethics according to a biblical worldview.
2. Encourage and challenge Christians to live sexually pure lives.
3. Engage Christians in public policy relative to sexual ethics.
4. Embrace those harmed by pornography and help restore them to sexual wholeness.

The sexualized messages of our culture continue to undermine
biblical morality and destroy lives. To counteract these forces, the
National Coalition has created six targeted programs:

Church Outreach:

Through our Church Outreach program, we work to engage Christians in
the cultural battle by educating and equipping them with the Christian
apologetic for chaste and moral relationships. By equipping Christians
with a more comprehensive understanding of the relevant cultural issues
we hope to invigorate them to become active in applying their faith in
matters of public policy and moral debate related to sexual ethics.

Legal and Public Policy:

The work of the National Coalition culminates in its ability to
effectuate reasoned debate and change in these areas. To that end, the
National Coalition employs a three-pronged strategy:

* Assimilation – the gathering of information and coordinating of
efforts to address critical issues on the local, state and national
* Education – ensuring that citizens know and understand the issues and arguments before they engage; and
* Activism – mobilizing grassroots campaigns as well as expert abilities on various fronts.

Victim Assistance:

People whose lives have been harmed by pornography are offered a
Toll-Free HelpLine (1-800-583-2964) that connects callers with a live
therapist. Services include assessment of the caller’s needs, printed
resources, counseling referrals in the caller’s community and
multi-session brief therapy. In addition, the Victim Assistance Program
offers consultation to other professional organizations, clinicians and
pastors regarding sexual compulsivity and abuse.

Strategic Partnerships:

The Strategic Partnerships Program seeks to promote cooperative
relationships between the National Coalition and like-minded
organizations. This cooperative synergy allows the Coalition as a
servant ministry to enhance its ability to reach additional outlets
while expanding its audience. The National Coalition links arms with
the faith community through the Religious Alliance Against Pornography,
whose members include senior representatives from a variety of major
religious groups.


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