What I’m gonna be when I grow up…

So it is decided.

I have officially been accepted into the Nursing program.  I received my official acceptance letter and everything.  Just doing an Biology class right now and then in September I begin full-time training for my new career.

I’ve also decided to apply for ROTP (Officer  Training) through the forces.  Might have a busy summer if that pans out… 9 weeks of basic training in St. Jean, PQ, 33 weeks of second language training… just to name a couple of my preliminary courses.  I am not 100% certain on which element to apply for.  If I go Airforce, there would be an opportunity to get a posting in Comox, BC or Cold lake, AB.  Army would give me an opportunity to look at Wainright, AB, Edmonton, AB, or even Suffield.  Just have to see I guess.  One bridge at a time.  Have to get accepted for enrollment first.


About Anarchenisis

Mildly competitive… maybe a small bit head strong… sometimes has an opinion… and occasionally has a requirement to be right (currently averaging 99.9% of the time). But my high level of sensitivity and empathy makes up for any of my minor faults :-)
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4 Responses to What I’m gonna be when I grow up…

  1. Becky says:

    wow, good plan! GO AIRFORCE!!! Sorry I am bias with my brother in the airforce.

  2. Sara says:

    i am proud of you, dad. things always work out for the best, and it seems that this is what u are meant to do. i always saw u as my hero. i am looking into the reserves right now. wont be for a while, as i want to tone up again, but one day, i might make it. congrats, again…. love you adn miss you…. ❤  (thats a heart)

  3. Unknown says:

    congratulation\’s Anarchenisis, thats awesome news!

  4. Randall Crockett says:

    Well, good for you.  I hope this works out for you bro.
    Give me a call one evening here being as you can\’t seem to find the time to answer your e-mails.

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