Cellular Class Action – Bell, Telus, Rogers, Fido, Sasktel, MTS, Aliant Class Actions

Cellular Class Action – Bell, Telus, Rogers, Fido, Sasktel, MTS, Aliant Class Actions

Merchant Law Group LLP is pleased to announce that its litigation
efforts in regards to the cellular "system access fee" has resulted in
one of its nine proposed class actions being certified, by order of the
Honourable Mr. Justice Gerein granted on September 17, 2007 (a copy of
which is available above). Been granted "certification" is a
substantial milestone, and our firm will continue to vigorously
prosecute litigation on this issue on behalf of all Canadians who have
been made to pay the system access fee (and similarly described fees).
Members of the public are free to join our class members’ info list by
completing the form below, and we will continue to accept information
from new claimants for the foreseeable future (and post any deadlines
which arise on this site, as well as in email bulletins).

Class action lawyer Tony Merchant, Q.C. launched lawsuits in August
2004 against all of Canada’s Cellular Providers challenging the
legitimacy of system access fees, system licensing charges, system
admin fees, and similarly described surcharges, charged to cellular
accounts, normally in the amount of $6.95 per month. We intend to
establish that Canadians were generally misled to believe that access
fees were collected as a government tax or CRTC levy.

We are pursuing Class Action claims before the Superior Courts of
B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick,
Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Court hearings are already underway.

All of our clients will be entitled to share in any compensation
resulting from this Class Action, and we expect that a National Class
Action will be certified to allow us to pursue recovery of system
access fees and licensing charges on behalf of all Canadian cellular
phone users, including current and former customers of Bell Mobility,
Telus, Rogers & Fido (Microcell), SaskTel, MTS, and Aliant.


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