With friends like this who needs enemies…???

Pakistan police use teargas against lawyers

Augustine Anthony,

Published: Monday, November 05, 2007

— Pakistan police used teargas and batons on Monday against lawyers
protesting at President Pervez Musharraf’s imposition of emergency rule
and detentions mounted, prompting Washington to postpone defence
cooperation talks.

Musharraf sweeps democracy aside

President thins ranks of political opponents as 500 lawyers and human-rights activists are rounded up in ‘preventative arrests’


November 5, 2007

— President Pervez Musharraf’s new emergency powers will face their
first organized street opposition today if Pakistan’s lawyers follow
through on plans to stage protests.

Tell me how this moron is any different from any other Taliban extremist nut job?  Insurgents run free while they round up the unarmed peaceful civilians just trying to encourage democracy.


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