If it walks like a duck…

How could one draw on any similarity between the magistrate and the Catholic church…

Catholic board bans ‘Golden Compass’ indefinitely

Updated Thu. Dec. 20 2007 3:16 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

"The Golden Compass" and two other books in the "His Dark Materials"
trilogy have been banned indefinitely by the Halton Catholic District
School Board despite a committee’s recommendation that the titles
remain on library shelves.


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Mildly competitive… maybe a small bit head strong… sometimes has an opinion… and occasionally has a requirement to be right (currently averaging 99.9% of the time). But my high level of sensitivity and empathy makes up for any of my minor faults :-)
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One Response to If it walks like a duck…

  1. Linda says:

    "It is better to live one day as a Lion, than a thousand days as a lamb." I agree. Nice painting of \’LEO\’, by the way. It is interesting how great books or movies inadvertently tick off the establishment in some way or another.

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