Public Ire, where?

Provincial funding for private schools draws public ire
Sarah McGinnis, with files from Renata D’Aliesio, Calgary Herald
Published: Thursday, July 31, 2008
Parents and public education advocates are outraged that despite millions of dollars worth of maintenance work needed at public schools, the province has decided to increase funding for private schools.
Lets see…apprx $12000(+) per student per year to educate a child in the public system, apprx $4000(-) to educate a child in a private school/home school environment.
I think maybe the public is getting a better deal for their tax dollars funding alternative education.
As for the "underfunded public system"… that is a result of the bloated administration, highest teachers salaries in Canada, poor resource planning, and limited creativity that is preventing the "more than adequate" funding dollars  from being spent where it needs to be spent.
The reality is that education is changing and the methods for delivering education is evolving.  It is time that the protectionist relics of the past join the 21st century and realize that.

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