Telus World of Science Body and Brain Exhibition

My wife just finished taking our kids of to the exhibit on Tuesday this past week.  Had some positive and negative feedback to share on the trip.

We had been waiting for the exhibit to open and had cashed in AirMiles for admission to Space Science Centre and had looked forward to the exhibit.  The passes stated there was no restrictions on them for any of the exhibits however when she arrived to the Centre she was informed that they wouldn’t accept them.  The ticket agents and staff were less then accommodating. As a result we had to pay out $150.00 in order to access the exhibit.  Then there was the requirement to "rent" earphones for a total of $30.00 otherwise the interactivity of the exhibit could not be experienced.

The tickets purchased did not allow for leaving the exhibit and returning after having lunch. So they were basically held hostage from start to finish at the exhibit.  Fortunately the exhibit could be completed within three hours as they had decided not to purchase the show at the Dome which had to also be purchased separately in order to see.

Another complaint was that all of the kids had brought their cameras and were looking forward to doing photo journals of their trip.  Turned out though that cameras and video cameras were banned from the exhibit.

Also, Parking is no longer free…

On the positive side the exhibit was spectacular in content.  Probably not the best show for younger children as it might be a challenge to keep them engaged.

I eMailed a complaint in to AirMiles regarding the wasted tickets and the false information that was on them however I have not heard from the regarding the tickets.  I tried to make a phone call but was told the wait time to speak with a "live" agent would be in excess of thirty minutes on hold…

One final note, apparently there is a workbook that can be printed out prior to attending the exhibit that we were unaware of prior to the trip.


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One Response to Telus World of Science Body and Brain Exhibition

  1. Lionel says:

    Response from – TELUS World of Science – Calgary Facebook Group ModeratorAs Lionel noted, coupons and comp pases are not applicable on tickets and to BODY WORLDS. Only BODY WORLDS specific pases and coupons are able to be used. We are sorry you weren\’t able to use them but hopefully you enjoyed the exhibition.

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