Veterans urged to check for new benefits and services

Don Paul holds a photo of himself taken during the Second World War, when he was 19. He is with fellow Bow Valley Lodge resident Reta Campbell, who holds a picture of her late husband Ron, left. Both are receiving veterans benefits of which they were previously unaware.Don Paul holds a photo of himself taken during the Second World War, when he was 19. He is with fellow Bow Valley Lodge resident Reta Campbell, who holds a picture of her late husband Ron, left. Both are receiving veterans benefits of which they were previously unaware.
Photograph by: Ted Rhodes, Calgary Herald

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Wrecking ball nears for historic WWII plane plant in Toronto; skating complex planned | National News | Medicine Hat News

Wrecking ball nears for historic WWII plane plant in Toronto; skating complex planned | National News | Medicine Hat News.

Sad there is so little will to preserve “true” Canadian History…

YOU CAN HELP SAVE THE MUSEUM by watching this video:

Now write a brief note to:
Rona Ambrose (Cabinet Minister responsible for Downsview Park), Mark Alder (MP for York Centre where Museum is located), James Moore (Minister of Canadian Heritage), Steven Blaney (Minister of Veterans Affairs), Monte Kwinter (MPP for York Centre), Maria Augimeri (Toronto City Councillor for York Centre) and YOUR Member of Parliament!

(Be sure to copy the museum on any of your communications at )

Rona Ambrose
Minister, Public Works and Government Services and Minister for the Status of Women
Telephone: 613-996-9778 (Ottawa) & 780-495-7705 (Edmonton)

Mark Alder
MP York Centre
Telephone: 613-941-6339 (Ottawa) & 416-638-3700 (Toronto)

James Moore
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
Telephone: 613-992-9650

Steven Blaney
Minister of Veterans Affairs
Telephone: 613-992-7434

Maria C. Augimeri
Councillor, City of Toronto
Ward 9 – York Centre
Telephone: 416-392-4021

Monte Kwinter
Member of Provincial Parliament for York Centre
Telephone: 416-630-0080

Ian A. McDougall
Canadian Air & Space Museum

Seen in the picture is the Canadian Air and Space Museum’s Arrow replica, loving built from scratch by Museum volunteers for Canadians to enjoy, and help them to revisit our glorious aviation past that was Avro Canada. Bombardier Canada, the other Canadian aviation success story has some very interesting aircraft displays at the Museum.

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Halloween: Just a Specter of Samhain

Halloween: Just a Specter of Samhain. Posted by Amara Rose

In the U.S., Halloween is all about costumes, trick-or-treating, candy and, occasionally, mischief. Few people realize the date also marks a sacred day on the Celtic calendar, Samhain, ushering in the dark half of the year. October 31st precedes Day of the Dead/All Soul’s Day, which takes place November 1-2, honoring those who have crossed over. Clearly, the dark side — what remains hidden from view — is calling.

As mythologist Kathleen Jenks writes on Myth*ing Links, this is an excellent time to explore what is ending, or “dying”, within our own beings. What do you need to release in order to move forward in your life? Now, when the veils between worlds are thin, is a ripe moment to embrace transformation.

The souls of those who have transitioned can share their wisdom with us still, if we request their collaboration. Visionary activist astrologer Caroline Casey likes to say, “We cannot live through the dead, but we can invite the dead to live through us.” What gifts are asking, aching to be brought forth in you?

The real treat of Samhain is the opportunity for quantum growth, on both personal and planetary levels. And the trick, perhaps, would be turning your back on those inner voices begging you to shine your brilliance and step fully into your aliveness, purpose and service.

So by all means, enjoy the outlandish get-ups and fun. Try not to ingest all the candy at once. And remember to remove your mask when trick-or-treat time is over, so that you can fully become who you came here to be. Blessings!

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In the future before jumping into the fray…

– Interim leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil’s declaration that sharia would be Libya’s principal law.
– Sexual abuse of boys in Afghanistan.
– “According to Shariah law, enemies’ wives should be raped and they have started raping these women already,” Homa Arjomand said.
– and other atrocities that make you sick to read about…

Before jumping to the assistance of countries looking to overturn their current despot dictators; how about we provide some ground rules for those that are asking for our assistance.

1. The government that is to be replaced from what you have will be democratic, free from fanatic religious trappings and constraints which discriminate against, or limit the rights of any of the lawful citizens of that country on any basis.

2. That the basic personal freedoms and liberties are to be applied universally and equally to all persons of that country without reservation or exception. In fact a higher level of protections should be applied to those particularly vulnerable such a children and women.

3. That a transition advisory council from the assisting nations be formed following any action, that will remain to assist and mentor the new government of that country in rebuilding their political and legal systems in order to ensure the foundation and framework for democracy and civil protections are met.

If it is to be our tax money funding equipment and personnel, and or, the lives of our military members and citizens that are to be put on the line to enable these countries to be “free”, then it there should be an accounting for that aid that is provided.

Our politicians should be seeking these and other assurances in the future.

Just as our military has to follow “rules of engagement” in any conflict, so should our politicians be required to follow clearly defined standards and requirements, transparent in their goals for rendering assistance, accountable to us, the people of Canada.

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Telus World of Science Body and Brain Exhibition

My wife just finished taking our kids of to the exhibit on Tuesday this past week.  Had some positive and negative feedback to share on the trip.

We had been waiting for the exhibit to open and had cashed in AirMiles for admission to Space Science Centre and had looked forward to the exhibit.  The passes stated there was no restrictions on them for any of the exhibits however when she arrived to the Centre she was informed that they wouldn’t accept them.  The ticket agents and staff were less then accommodating. As a result we had to pay out $150.00 in order to access the exhibit.  Then there was the requirement to "rent" earphones for a total of $30.00 otherwise the interactivity of the exhibit could not be experienced.

The tickets purchased did not allow for leaving the exhibit and returning after having lunch. So they were basically held hostage from start to finish at the exhibit.  Fortunately the exhibit could be completed within three hours as they had decided not to purchase the show at the Dome which had to also be purchased separately in order to see.

Another complaint was that all of the kids had brought their cameras and were looking forward to doing photo journals of their trip.  Turned out though that cameras and video cameras were banned from the exhibit.

Also, Parking is no longer free…

On the positive side the exhibit was spectacular in content.  Probably not the best show for younger children as it might be a challenge to keep them engaged.

I eMailed a complaint in to AirMiles regarding the wasted tickets and the false information that was on them however I have not heard from the regarding the tickets.  I tried to make a phone call but was told the wait time to speak with a "live" agent would be in excess of thirty minutes on hold…

One final note, apparently there is a workbook that can be printed out prior to attending the exhibit that we were unaware of prior to the trip.

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End the poppy tax

End the poppy tax

Calgary HeraldNovember 7, 2009

In the no-brainer department, Parliament must do away with the
unthinkable GST that the Royal Canadian Legion must pay for its poppies.

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Canada defends its 2010 Olympics home turf advantage


15 hours ago

OTTAWA — Canada’s 2010 Winter Olympics organizing committee was
unapologetic Monday for limiting foreign athletes’ access to venues to
train, in order to give Canada’s team a home turf advantage.

doing the best we can to give them (Team Canada) the advantages of
being at home, as every other country in the world would do," said John
Furlong, chief executive officer of the Vancouver Games organizing

Lets see… all the other countries have done it, including the U.S.

We paid for the facilities… so Duh, suck it up.

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Alarm bells are sounding in Washington over PetroChina’s $1.9-billion investment in Alberta projects

Shawn McCarthy

Globe and Mail Update
Last updated on Wednesday, Sep. 02, 2009 09:08AM EDT

PetroChina Co. Ltd.’s (PTR-N110.321.171.07%)

$1.9-billion investment in the oil sands is raising alarms in
Washington, with the head of a congressionally-appointed China watchdog
saying the company is clearly a vehicle of Beijing’s Communist

Too bad.  If we were such good friends they wouldn’t be shaking us down for passports and copy the contents of or PDA’s and Laptops.

They’ve been taking advantage of our generosity for too long and getting our discounted resources for too long.  Time for the ungrateful Uncle to get in line.

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Stage set for ‘suspicionless’ searches of laptops, PDAs at U.S. borders

Travelers arriving at U.S. borders could have their
laptops, PDAs, and other digital devices searched, copied and even held
by customs agents — all without need to show suspicion for cause.

9/2/2009 7:00:00 AM
By: Jaikumar Vijayan

They can go #@*! their hat if they think they can copy my personal info.
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Plains of Abraham re-enactment

Plains of Abraham re-enactment doubtful after separatist outcry

Oh no… the separtists are upset… whatever shall we do?

Of course lets rewrite our Canadian History so it does not offend anyone…

Pretty soon we will have censored out and redrawn everything so that there nothing left to identify us as Canadians.

Maybe, we should just redraft the National Anthem to be one long apology so that we can get it over with and address all of the wrongs in the past all at once.

Right or wrong, the actions of the past need to preserved in accuracy so that our future generations can evaluate those actions and learn from them.  Redrafting or censoring the past merely eliminates that opportunity to educate people and learn from those past events.

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